The Air-conditioned Nightmare

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Inside of Me Today
There Is no One
Only Asteroids and Empty Space
A Waste
...they're Looking Through the Windows At Me...
Get Me Out of This Air-conditioned Nightmare
Rots Your Brain Just Like a Catchy Tune
You Will Hate Life More Than Life Hates You
...burn All Your Mementos of Me...
Walkin' On Air
Up From the Wheelchair
I'll Find the Suicide
That I Deserve
Walkin' On Sand
Forgotten Where I Am
But It's So Comfortable
Here in the Sun...
I Only See Rainbows
Now That the Bandages Are Gone
Through My Window, There
From the Skyscrapers
Down to the Submarines
Birds and Fairies
Atop the Rolling Hills of Hell
These Words Are Sledgehammers
Of Truth
That Pound the Iron Heart
Of Sin
Bloody Smiling
My Wet Dream Is Drying Up...
Where's My Rainbow?
Where's My Halo?
There's My Halo!

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