Junior Boys

The Animator

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Thank you once again
I barely get through it
I can't draw the line
Without falling out the page

I can't hold to this
Without moving out the frame
'Cause There is a trouble in my lips
And a witching in my eyes

And it's all 'cause of you
So take the colors off
They been keeping off the dust
Steady down the arms

Hold down sudden caught
I see you in the dark
See you dancing with the lights
Caught in me in your breath

Tracing so you know
And it's all 'cause of you
Oh follow from the ride
Where it goes

Somewhere down the hall
In through your hands
Out your mouth
In a whisper

In through the walls
Where you start
Tell me what's the time
And How far left to go

'Cause all is melting lines
Keep us way to slow
So baby let it out
Let it burn into the sky

Watch it as it goes
Say you Trust me that I know

That is all because of you

Writer/s: Jeremy Greenspan / Junior Boys