Hank Williams

The Battle of Armageddon

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Theres a mighty battle coming and its well now on its way.
Itll be fought at armageddon, it shall be a sad, sad day.
In the book of revelation, words in chapter sixteen say
Therell be gathered there great armies for that battle on that day.

All the way from the gates of eden to the battle of armageddon
Theres been trobles and tribulation, therell be sorrow and despair.
He has said "ye not be troubled for these things shall come to pass."
Then your life will be eternal when you dwell with him at last.

Turn the pages of your bible, in st. matthew you will see,
Start with chapter twenty-four and read from one to thirty-three.
In our saviors blessed words he said on earth, he prophesised,
For he spoke of this great battle that is coming by and by.


Therell be nation against nation, therell be war and rumor of war.
Therell be great signs in heaven, in the sun, the moon, the stars.
Oh, the hearts of been shall fail them, therell be gnashing of the teeth.
Those who seek it will recieve it, mercy at the saviors feet.


Writer/s: Odell McLeod / Roy Acuff

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