Daniel Amos

The Bible

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Oh, the Bible, the Holy Bible
Let your mind find peace in God's Word

When you're feeling down and discouraged
And the world seems to have you on a string
When the melodies of your life go crazy
And your heart can't find a song to sing

Get your Bible, your Holy Bible
Sit and let God talk to you a spell
Soon the Spirit, the Holy Spirit
Whispers in your heart that all is well

There are teachings going on that are so wrong
There are wolves in among God's sheep
There are liars on the corner and knocking at your door
But the Bible, it's from the Lord

I'm talkin' bout the Bible, the Holy Bible
The undying authority of the Lord
Oh, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit
And Jesus are the only way for me

I said Jesus is the only way for me

Writer/s: Steve Baxter

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