Frostmoon Eclipse

The Black Tide

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The Black Tide

[Gionata, June 2001]

As the black rain flows away
As the night reclaims its preys
A black journey through desolation
I'm immersed in a sea of shadows

The longest night enthroned
The longest pain I've proved myself for
Riding the raging storm
Yeah, I hate this fucking world

Hatred! Hatred! Hatred!

To hope is to die
Night please blind my eyes
Future turns to grey
Welcome the sound of decay

It comes down like rain
It flows in rivers grey
Its colour is the end
A trap in a sea of sand

As warm blood on a sword
As fog covering the world
A voice from the dead
Yeah, I'm talking about....

Hatred! Hatred! Hatred!... and Hatred again!

Yeah, I see, now I know
Now I despise weakness' seed
Now I see, yeah I know
You are the cause of my disease

Come on, come black tide
Flow in violence and painful ways
Show me your disgraced hands
Clean the filth out of this world

Come on, come black tide
Get humanity exiled far from here
Take everything away with your dark waves
I want to be alone on this planet earth

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