Brenn Hill

The Cattle And The Train

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I heard it on the channel five news
They said there was a train comin' through
There hadn't been an engine runnin' down that rail
Since Butch and Sundance hit the trail
We were loadin' cattle that day
Across the bridge over Peterson way
Reporters gathered in their camera attire
To watch the American Flyer

And feel the spirit of the olden days
Remember the buffalo and the old Indian ways
It's just a little story about 1889
When the cattle and the trains meant a new way of

Union Pacific station 25th and Wall
See the old red steamers sittin' in their stalls
And the pictures of the cowboys ridin' by the rails
When the roads through the west were less than trails
We stopped our ponies and we smiled wide
With cattle bawlin' as the train horn cried
And I could almost see an Indian standin' there
Wonderin' what the hell and where


No one takes a train anymore
Airplanes and automobiles galore
But I'm livin' in a way that's been left far behind
Starin' down that old railroad line


A new way of life
A new way of life