Autumn's Grey Solace

The Cell

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Deny all that is so wrong
It's true
The guilt's in your hands

Follow me follow
I'll lead you away from your cell
If anyone knew you
They wouldn't believe in all they've seen
Monsters within you must never continue
To breathe
So watch me as I leave
And see how it could be
To taste the world again

Suddenly I realize
That I'm just as lonely
Ashamed of never being wanted
What if I knew what it's like for you?

Fathom me fathom
And maybe you'll see I'm your fear
The fever is so high and now I can see why
You're so mean
Feeling tomorrow will leave you in sorrow
For I will be weary of you feeling sorry
For your own self

Morning I'll see you fall
Down where you ought to have known
Blame the law you broke

Now you fall

Writer/s: Erin Welton / Scott Ferrell

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