The Cheval Glass

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Turn the cheval glass and find
Corruption under my skin
And mine
You're so far from safety
Put your fingers to your eyes
And steal yourself away

It will not be satisfied
You can not accomplish this
You can not be satisfied

The worst isn't ever the curse of the cleverest lines
Sang the song of never, never
Believed that you meant it this time

It's time to back all your big words
So come on now
But you're all lipstick and cheap skirts
You're the shining light until it hurts
Tonight I'll make this bleed
Light up the sky with my misdeeds
'Cause I hate this
I fell for the first time

Fall was upon us
With all the leaves turning
You were so sure of yourself
You were asking me questions
Of us getting older
You hardly could catch your breath
I wanted anything else
And I've asked
For the after remorse
To stay
And still these hands
But it never takes
Never takes
Old habits are so hard to break
So you fall
And circle through
Your life
That can't be seen
Avoid the brilliant
Lights that find you
Because when they do
You know you'll have to

There's not enough wisdom or perception
judge this now
Take back your life
You are dying and the time you spent was wasted
On all the sick drams of the lie
The lie
Pull yourself out
Made yourself in your own image
The praise you gave thousands of times
Lifted yourself up to the sky
The sky
Bow before all that you've done

Writer/s: Emery