Rudimentary Peni

The Crime Of The Century

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Yuppiecide disposing of the bodies difficulty -the evidence impossible ripe for a coffin The dolled up figurine Impossible to hide the secret from the world dirty blood Death's blood on head nationless annihilation and the Christman's religion? Suffer now for the paradise that is to come Chosen Aryan myth birthed and perished in Poland Polish pope Popeish Anti-Semite ripe for a coffin Venice stinks cos Venice invented the ghetto Africa 150,000 years ago modern-looking man Homo erectus Peking man Java man Archaic Homo sapiens Neanderthal unchanged Strong brow-ridge cave man cranium prognathism Variations of modern People in classical morphological interbreeding Bad blood Neanderthals unchanged Mummified mitochondrial DNA Organelles, cytoplasm egg conceptus sequencing Vietnam man skullhole Origins unknown out of Africa skin change psychesame fresh prejudice Collapsing cosmoses dreaming of adrenalin deathrush cosmology Early earth atmosphere ancient death atmosphere happenstance
Beyond the magma smegma skywomb microfossils strimatolites on rocky Coasts antrotrophs heterotrophs consuming the products and degradation of the higher levels Slime on rocks Probing the microbes Little Lord Fauntleroy and Lord Foppington were in the bath Press darkly there's pitch and toss. Heavy swell thro' the eyes of a storm secret motions and agitations of the oceans we loll. How does your conscience smell five miles downwind of a slaver The mist rolls back a stick of bombs fall a seismograph depicts the siren's call as we cover our ears flaying of satyrs by firelight Soon, not late many moons well I know struck the horses Head the aristocratic state of the Eighteenth century had reached an advanced form decomposition enfeebled and effete inarticulateness Pilasters niches multicoloured tiles lord whore farted Discolouring the fillings in your teeth that the archeologists unearthed bleak corrective furnishing self with solemn grandeur Statuary marvelous intoxicating to the fancy sick and sad Send her to
Bedlam obnoxious to strangers a loud din of voices among the multitudes the strongest emotions I have ever known It is a great vexation for me to stop me vitals playing the giddy Goat out of season perquisite lichen the age of tombs foolishfashion Yonder issue to the top 'tis a pity the design was not conducted by a better judgement

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