The Dark Half

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Now you see me, now you don't
You are me and I am you
When you bleed I feel the pain
I'm your dark half

The sparrows fly again
Harbingers of the dead
It's me they're coming for
Get me out of your head

From the living to the dead
They're here to fly me away
Slowly, I'm falling apart
I'll make you write, then I can stay

It all began so long ago, you ate me in the womb
In hospital I passed away, now I've risen from my tomb
Your head starts to ache again, the birds begin to sing
This time you can't flee me, nor the terrors that I bring

Your career is built by me
Still you deny my existence
I kill all those who defy me
Tried to tell you but you don't listen
By the time I'm done with you
It will be you they take away
You will be me, I will be you
I live to see another day

Now your writing-days are over
It is time to start mine
Psycho pomps, coming for me
Will take you instead of me

You write, I write; I live, You die [2x]

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