The Day of Crimson Skies

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Strange was my dream
the sun on the horizon disappeared out of sight
Before my eyes
the moon begun to glow in crimson skies
burning bright
A ball of fire hit the ground
the earth torn apart
a crowd in panic stormed the streets
fear spreading out
Inside my heart
a latent force dispersed all rising fear
from my mind
A piercing cry
of soaring birds announced our judgement's day
across the sky
A magic sound rang everywhere
filling the air
a liquid fire all around
claiming the ground
panic all around
A magic light - fiery and bright
rising despair - fear in the air
man, woman, child - all running wild
time standing still
on the day of crimson skies
A magic light - fiery and bright
from outer space
to destroy the human race!

Writer/s: Frank Bornemann / Michael Gerlach