Digital Underground

The Dflo Shuttle

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[Shock G]
Yes, people it's time to take the train
To another place of positive elevated experience
And existence, for this is a journey
To a place where only the dolio-flow can take you

Now I hope it don't be too long
Waiting on a train come to take me home
So I'll sing another funky song
Just until another one comes along
But I hope it don't be too long
Cause I know I'm gon' do something wrong
If tunnel don't glow and the shuttle don't show
Dolio-flow, come take me home

Around, around, around, around the sons of the flow we goin
Around the underground to spread the sound about the d-flo
Let me give your ears a baptismal
Dip into the pool and let me chisel
Chunks of ignorance out your brain system
As I implant wisdom in the name of d-flo
Here we go with this, let me flow with this
Holy glory, how the dolio flow in this
Wanna serve em' natural learning
Shooting it like sperm to the egg in your head
D-flo is my bread and the body in my cup
Just like it says in the scrolls and
Just as sure as Moses used to write on a rock
I'm glowing cause I'm knowing that the d-flo'll stop
Swing low and take me home riding on a breeze of air
There ain't no fare, the only fee is just believe and it'll drop
Pee is a believer so I'm waiting in the zone
For d-flo, d-flo to take me home


Now I don't want to be a dope man, listen
I didn't have a dime, a nickel, penny, a pot to piss in
See all my clothes had holes and they fit tight
Pray to God cause it's hard trying to live right
Waiting on the train can't hang with the street gangs
Making me insane, putting rain on my whole brain
But the train means change to better thangs
Can't live with the negative and ghetto pains
Can't be late, can't wait to get to where we're going
Almost ten to four and I'm sure that the train is showing
But I ain't sure where it goes, I don't really know it
But I got faith, that's all it takes to get to where we're going


[Shock G]
Now I'm dreaming about a trip to paradise though
I don't know where it is I really want to go tonight, so
I can move on and find a place that's right fo'
Me to be me and my eyes to see the light though
We've been waiting for something real
And we just can't wait no longer
We need something that we can feel
We need something that's much much stronger
But how long do we gotta keep waiting
How many years of anticipation
I can't stand the rain, the racism, all the pain and the aching
So I'm dreaming of escaping..

Yo, my man, you know how to get to the shuttle?
I'm trying to find the Underground
Yeah man, it's right over there
Right over where?
Is you deaf or something? Can't you hear it?!
Look, you ain't telling me nothing!
Just go ahead and get on the train

[Chorus x3]

Take the train

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