The Drifters

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You never heard this one from me
I wanted to belong to what I fear
And we're supposed to laugh it off
We're very limited in honesty

A sense of belonging just for once in my life
I thought you were God and Elvis rolled into one
This is my life it's all I have

Repeat after me we're drifting
Repeat after me we're drifting
'Cos we know
My life is still my own

There's no connection to my past
And if it's hurting me, it's teaching me
You took your pill today for sure
You're desperate for your friends to like you more

When Kennedy spoke you'd hear America sigh
The poor seeking solace in their God that's above
We scream and we fight, it's all we have

If I were a girl and you were born as a boy
I'd know I'm still here when someone's hurting me badly