Acid Reign

The Fear

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You sit and wait for the last straw
Never knowing when crime will strike you down
Society has sentenced you to be a prisoner
A prisoner of your body and your home

Imagine what it's like
To be imprisoned
In your own home
Not knowing which
Day could be your last
Hide those savings

Now withering away, just like a flower
You curl up and you lie in foetal position
Your life has been reversed, you end it as a child
No longer can you define wring or right

Can you trust
Justice to deal
All fair cards
Or once again
Will the culprit remain free
And the victims of honesty
Left to shiver in solitude
Nothing to comfort, not even truth

Euthanasia isn't your answer
You have your right to live
But the pressure you are under
Means you take more than you give

You're afraid of living
You're afraid of dying
More of you drop each day
Trying to protect your life's work
But we all grow old
And become more vulnerable
Easy prey for the thief
And thus

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