The Fool

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You sit there with a smug look on your face
You think that I made a big mistake
And it's ok if you think that I did
Some things in the past are not easy to forgive

And I listen to my dreams
And I'm closing my eyes and I'm grieving
Because i wanted to be everything that you wanted
But I couldn't see me.. I couldn't see me

I don't ever want to be still
I want to move around, I want to be real
I want to live up to the dreams that I make
And I want to learn freely and not be afraid…


And I hope you find her
The woman who has everything you need
And I hope you love her
And you show her sometimes so she will believe

You sit there with a smug look on your face
And I sit here wishing we didn't have to break
It's okay if you think I am the fool
Fools tend to follow their hearts amidst ridicule