Frozen Mist

The Fountain

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Your fountain drips blood like autumn leaves in the hollow air
The discovery of your shining altar shedding light from above.

This erotic pain enters my open mind. The illusions of your amber mirror, they shine down on me trapping darkness. The fear revoling memories secluding our solemn thoughts embracing devastation thru this hollow graveyard of tranquility. My love weeps the wicked emotions that heals the scars that you reveal. I'm flamed within your love internally.

My soul pounds pleasure into your wicked thoughts
Your movements revive, my sorrow lives thru eternity
You touch my fractured face, the revival of my skin
A stone so shattered healing my obstructed fate.

I see your light shine, a glowing black doom
Crashing down into the ground, changing light to gloom
I cherish your moral intensions, I kneel down to share my love
An evil remedy forsaken from fountains of light above.

I long for this passion
A desire left unfulfilled
I steal your heart
Your body left in chill.

I suffer for you, I gave my love to you
I sacrificed my soul, I rained upon your breast
You left me so cold, an incomplete empty mold
Melodic angel of shadows, bless me with your sweet kiss.

I fill her void, I bathe in you
I bleed your mind, a rapture in your lonely shrine.

Drowning skies above, drop pure virgin blood
Wet upon your eyes and ears, my emptiness turns to tears...

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