The Gay Way

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This song, makes me cry ,
makes me crave, a mans backside,
everytime I hear this dumb song play,
I feel like I'm gay,
I watch, the tele's ,while ralph, shaves my belly,
people wondering, if i'm still stray,
am I going gay,
(get gay why?)
this song makes my butt ache,
(need a guy,)
homo lovin could be a mistake,
(get gay why,)
mens backside are a dirty place,
could I go the gay way,
jackie, bend over,
and bark loud, like rover,
what gay see, would be my slave
if I went the gay,
(get gay why?)
I'm singing like a sissy,
(get gay why?)
ralph, come and see my butt cheeks,
(get gay why?)
I'm thinking about the balley,
could I go the gay way,
will there will be pain,
man i can't explain,
whats coming over me,
I start to resist, please
don't use your fist,
or I might need some surgery,
I watch, the tele's ,while ralph,
shaves my belly,(homo homo homo homo)
(with every passing day)
(get gay why,)
would I like to see a shmanger,
no smell is more distanger
I wonder what my wife would say,
if I went the gay way,