Joe Dassin


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He sits all alone playing his guitar
Out in the back of a little café
And no one seems to hear so he closes his eyes
And just lets the music take him away

Singing songs of love, songs of broken hearts
And he's worn out his luck and his last pair of jeans
But you keep going on when you're living on dreams
And you feel it inside and the guitar don't lie

There's a lady he knows who often comes by
She's a nice little girl and she's into the blues
She requests the same song every night
She says it reminds her of someone she knew

A trace of her perfume floats across the room
Once they were close and they shared all their dreams
But now all he feels is a physical thing
They grow slowly apart and the guitar don't lie

Some nights it gets cold and it makes him aware
The time's moving on and it's slipping away
And if you look close at his dark curly hair
Under the lights the're traces of grey

He knows what it's all about feeling down and out
Cause he's been there before and he's seen it all
And you learn to survive with your back to the wall
It's a crazy ol' life and the guitar don't lie


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