Lost Soul

The Hidden Law

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Drunken is my universe
I'm everywhere the centre
Ruling in and outside of the sphere
Under my wings, fools
You won't find a shelter
To know me is to know the death itself

The heart and tongue of the snake
The knowledge and delight of the brave
Slaves shall Serve!

Who calls us the beast servants
Does not wrong at all
This is the morning
Of our law
It makes us so elite
Stamp down the wretched and the weak
This is the joy of the world

Rise up my chosen
Against all holiness
I've made a secret door
True lust suits you more...

Where I am they are not
They don't see me through their lies
Coiled serpent in the deep
Away of light from above

Be strong my chosen
Tear out the flesh of every god
This is our time
Our time is now

Slaves shall serve!