Rudimentary Peni

The Horrors In The Museum

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A muse musing in a museum. What's the use of looking if you don't see 'em? Always just that bit behind glass, Always just that bit behind glass Fondling the master's skull, fondling the master's skull as a child. One of his coffin nails for one hundred dollars Museum Eke out who determined the babyish bible's canon? Eschatological countdown Dictionary chewing last generation military messiah political king Gods! O Gawd O Montreal Dead Sea scrolls caco kyrie caco kyrie A low life milk-sop politicalking Cthulhu & Co. HPL the t-shirt, the album. Repeats in dubs the quest of Peni Alienists pretty well dispose of this love business Lovecraft's last orgasm Lovecraft lives in Del Rey books Lovecraft's rock follies Acrobatic adjectives in my own town's Georgian steeples Nonsensical nouns
Chrysler Building not Vampire State Puritanical sexuality Horror quelle horreur Eldritch rainbow face She's walking up to the door Atrophy mother of Parliaments You're not such a sensitive plant Stereoscope kaleidoscope periscope pedascope telescope in order to see (Things better. More clearly even those lying far off. Instrument. Tool for Verismus. Microscope magnifier of the miniscule. Even things unseen. Machine implement for Pyagnon) Rudiments of genteel behaviour Hairy wig Yak! You have hit a nerve, Sir. Maze of my minutiae reveals nothing of me Evil eye Dead Penies from heaven deceased materialist Atrophy museum UK Censor ship of fools Relinquish batancy One Semi-unaculturated The blockhead that collected Lovecraft Industrial revolutionaries Corpus cat Story all too prophetic Sir Fred Hoyle's spores Ululator martian alligator Christology milk-sop religion build in a home for the splinters of my heart Kidlet with withering sarcasm

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