Blossom Toes

The Intrepid Ballonists Handbook 1

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Once upon a time, last week
A delightful creature passed my way
To win her, we would have to roam
Away somewhere and be alone
Now won't you fly into the sky
It's peaceful there, no passers-by
Just say the word and very soon
We'll go sailing off in my balloon
Don't be afraid you wont fall out
I've been up many times before
No my dear, you won't be ill.
I've even got a skysick pill.
Oh I can't wait to take you there
Providing that the weather's fair
I promise not to go to far
While we're sailing up in my balloon
You will? You'll come? Ah, splendid stuff!
I hope the breezes aren't to rough
Oh, just step inside, there's room I hope
While I release the mooring rope
My dear, you're floating to the sky
You seem to be going ever so high
I cannot hold this horrid rope!
Oh gosh, I don't think there's any hope
Really, you're going ever so high, Felicity! I'll never be able to reach you now

Writer/s: Jim Cregan

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