Desiree Million

The Jag

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It was a lonely lonely lonely lonely winter's night,
I was driving in my car when I saw a lonely man by the riverside
the heater in my car was keeping me warm he was looking blue
so I pulled on over and I said "hello Mister let me warm you"
he sat down in the seat and he looked at me and smiled,
he said "you know I was just out walking, now I want to talk a while"
he said "did you know that the sky's only blue
in the daylight and in the night it's very cold" he said "there aren't too many people like you who would have pulled to the side of the road"
he had on all these old clothes, these worn
out old shoes, I was in a black jag, smelling
like a rose he said "my little pretty thing it seems to me that life has done you good" I said "no comment maybe you're the lucky one" now he
looked right at me and he said "what do you mean?"
I told him "listen fame and fortune ain't all that it's cracked up to be"
I said "you know your clothes may not be
in the best shape for a dinner party but I'll bet when
you're alone you've got your piece of mind,
see when i'm all dressed up and
i'm driving around in my jag and i'm all alone in the back of my mind I know I'm only trying to
keep up with the jones and when the rich
are rich they only want more"
we came up with this great idea
we decided to switch lives I gave him
everything that I owned, just for his old coat,
he drove away in my jag at an old dime store,
yeah I signed over the title, I never saw that jag no more
now my life is so complete i've given
to a human being but he gave more to me, he gave more to me
so when you're driving in your jag on a lonely winter's night
when you feel like turning left you better turn right
on a lonely night
ooooh on a lonely night

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