McQueen Street

The Journey

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Sifting through the sands of time, the blind lead the blind
Our leaders sow the seeds of sorrow, Satan's harvest for tomorrow
With blood in the streets and fear in our eyes, no hope for the weak
Our own demise
Children of an evil god and an evil mind preach their sermons, wait in line
For a final word from the land below, eternal faith in a distant glow
Rise up now for the time has come, decadence rules and a war's begun

The black sheep cowers at the sun
The madman kills at the sight of the moon
The politician sleeps while the downtrodden perish
No more, no more

Fly with me now on the sacred wings of time
A journey through kingdoms and the poisoning of minds
A journey through the shadows and the center of the sun
With vengeance for direction until this battle is won

Eternal fire burns the promised land, humanity crushed by the heathens hand
Twisted minds that strangle the masses, bury our souls and discard the ashes
Death and hate in a world of pain, a final quest for the last remains
Never shame and never sorrow, taketh now and pray tomorrow
Morals of a race who reek of greed, bound by shackles of divinity
If Hell should reign this final hour mankind must save the ivory tower

The evil man worships the dark prince
Lucifer laughs at the sounds of war
The lone wolf salivates at the coming of dusk
No more, no more