Age Of Nemesis

The Land Of Light

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Maybe I've been alive just for a minute
Yes, I still feel all the pain
It'll hurt if I have to go n' live through
Where this world's goin' again

Like a dream, it embraces me so gently
Misty haze falls here upon
And I'm blown like a dust speck 'cross the white sky
To which I now do belong

And a soul flies through the bright light
To which I give up my whole life

Air-bodied souls all build their faces from the smoke, mist n' fire
Through me they revive the ancient rite: the song of light

All my desires of the past and their strands
Are just torn from the land that was once my life
Oh this place is so strange
Death won't make me feel estranged
If my soul makes it here in time

Yes, this was I - in the Land of Light
And now I'm filled with hope here inside
My body's just flesh
My blood is just blood
But my soul's so bright...

Writer/s: Zoltan Fabian