The Last Coldest Sunset

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Bitter frost by the crescent of the moon
One's mesmerized by the venomous gloom
Coldest lament inside my darkened heart
Standing apart
At the end of that light at last
Dead emptiness freezing
I was born for the winds for the mists
Gods reign in hell I speak to you
Now I kneel to the moon searching for me...
Then daylight is totally gone
I lust for serenity
Folly needed now
Ravishing me the motionless drifting despair
My flesh feels depart with defeated dreams
They crown the darkness sanctuary in me
Still wonder
Promised to get inspire during the sunset celebration
I know I'll never be touched by this lucid delirium
Dwelt deep inside abomination
Even far away from dying planets
Into the distant sphere of lunar hope
I built the army of spirit
How long am I supposed to wait for ancient days?
I miss a lot...
I feel cold waking up
See the shadow of setting sun
My tortured essence
Odious presence... embraced in everlasting darkness

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