The Last Laugh

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Fuck you, and your entire fucked up crew
I hate you and everything you do
Such a tough guy you bring your friends
One on one shit your depends
Ruined the scene with all this shit
Never shut up just deal with it

Die, die, die motherfucker
Go hang yourself, cocksucker
Bash your face in with a brick
Hope your fucking car drives off a cliff
House burns down while you're asleep
Take a big knife and stab it deep
Hope you die you piece of shit
Kill yourself please make it quick

Same old story same old tale
Assholes like you belong in jail
500 pounds and that's all you can do?
My mother hit me harder than you
I never talked shit I have the proof
You're too stupid to see the truth
Guess I'm too old for this shit
I'll hire some fucker to do the hit

Die, die, die motherfucker
It's your time to fry cocksucker
Force feed you some broken glass
Broken bottle up your ass
12 gauge blast right to your head
Skull fuck you after you're dead
Tied down and forced to plead
I'll laugh while I watch you bleed

Ready for more?

Die, die, die motherfucker
Go and fuck yourself cocksucker
Broken legs and broken back
I'll smile when I hear them crack
Pushed into a subway train
I'll get down and eat the brains
Let's give you a heart attack
Then I'll have the last laugh

I'll have the last laugh

Writer/s: Jack Kelly