(This Could Be) The Last Time

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I've been totally re-strung
I'm in tune and I'm in love
I'm a piano that's made out of fruit
I'm the frog she chose to keep
Perhaps not a handsome prince
There is nothing I feel I've got to prove

If I fall in love again it could be the last time
If I fall in love again will I repeat
The mistakes that I made
And then make them again like a creep
This could be the last time
This could be the last time for me
If it's happiness you crave
Won't you look at me today
I'm smiling like the cat with all the cream
There's a swagger in my walk
A grade "A" in my report
I'm the salmon who made it back upstream

I'm a slightly chipped antique
In a market going cheap
That someday will be worth a thousand pounds
I've shed the walls of my coccoon
Normal service has resumed
There's no need to paint a face on this clown

Writer/s: Chris Difford / Glenn Tilbrook