The Learning Curve

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Listen to words which come from up front
Experience grows with each and every lesson
Playing a game, an inquisition
Pay attention, find out what you're missing
I sense a wall emerge
And accept the learning curve

Through eyes of gray thoughts focused ahead
Shaped in various positions
Intent on the pages filled with words to be read
Looking for symptoms behind the conditions

The signs are poorly lit
Lines drawn upon the landscape
It's hard to tell what fits

With all that is said
The future is told
A planned destiny
That is bought and sold
To do as you please
Is just what you need
Give what is learned
And learn what to heed

The learning curve still rises before me
The more I hear the less it seems I know
How to balance above the rocks below

Boredom opens up another place in time
No passion in these plain dry woods
There's a message and it's not very hard to find
Providing you hear what is to be heard