Cass McCombs

The Lonely Doll

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In tribute to all things petite
Pretty and sweet, the lonely doll.
This first i offer a greet
And desire to repeat the lonely doll.

A poetry painted from truth
But imagine the suit the lonely doll.
For beauty eternally in youth
Those pity compassion and roots
The lonely doll.

I stumble out of the salute
And evening last june, the lonely doll.
And heard a distant mournful tune
Under the dyad moon
The lonely doll.

My soul, though with wine i did douse
The song did arouse, the lonely doll
I followed, a drunken louse
Unto a cardboard house,the lonely doll

And through the window to see
A doll before me, the lonely doll
Singing to the mirror was she-
Was it a plea?
The lonely doll

Her room was all dresses and bows
For a doll neeeds her clothes, the lonely doll
She leaned in to breathe from a rose
And stood on her tippy-toes, the lonely doll

With a brush made of jade and pearl
She straightened her blonde curl, the lonely doll
I saw the sad eyes of a girl
Under teardrops, aswirl, the lonely doll

She went to her canopied bed
And laid down her head, the lonely doll
She picked up her sheep-doll and said
Something with dread, the lonely doll

Though i was too drunk to make sense
I felt her essence, the lonely doll
And turned to leave this pretense
For night, black and immense, the lonely doll

I remember that singing doll
And her grievous call, the lonely doll
As a little reminder to us all
Whose sadness wasn't so small, the lonely doll.

Writer/s: Cass McCombs

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