Jeff Bates

The Love Song

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First time I felt it, think I was five years old.
I was scared, had a nightmare;
Momma was there for me to hold.

Daddy, he was different; he never said it much,
But I heard him loud and clear when he brought home that ball and glove.
Then it took on a brand new meaning,
I wasn't just a boy no more, when she moved in next door.

Where you from? What's your name?
want to go to my game?
Got the keys to my Dad's old truck.
Turn the radio off to remember the song,
We held hands and there we was,

Pages kept on turnin',
There I was with someone else.
First time in my lifetime,
I wasn't livin' for myself.
I knew I wasn't fallin',
Anywhere I'd fell before.

This place was different:
It was deeper, it was more.
Then it took on a brand new meaning,
Yeah, it was strong and it was true,
Knew what I had to do.

Found a ring, hit my knees,
Couldn't talk, couldn't breathe,
My heart had me all choked up.

Said: "I do," as we cried; wedding bells,
Waved goodbye, the whole church knew it was:

Then it took on a brand new meaning,
When the doctor said:
"It's time to watch your miracle arrive."

Thank the Lord, cut the cord.
Take her home, help her grow.
And complete the circle of love.

That's the circle of love.

Writer/s: Casey Beathard / Jeff Bates / Kenny Beard

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