Maria Solheim

The Man Who Left His Past

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He is sure of his acts
This time he will make it right
Buys a ticket to the future
Only happiness in sight
Nothing is to stop him now
But as the bus is leaving town
He can see the houses crying over people he let down
Free from all the expectations
He is ready for a life
He is done with situations that brought trouble
Hate and strife
But he cannot forget the memories
The good times with his friends
He once did think he knew them
Until they broke down all his fences

In the town there's people hurting
People that can't understand
Why the son of life and gladness is moving to another land
There's no number they can call to
No addresses left to write
No goodbye hugs for children
No more kisses as goodnight
From the heavens I hear noises from the bottle counting tears
And a hundred men are writing songs and poetry of fears
Only time can heal a broken heart
I once heard a wise man say
But for the man who left his past
Will time just send him further away
Will he come back again

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