Jr Writer

The Movement Is Moving

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Juelz Santana:

Dip Dip DIp Dipset bitch
Dip Dip Dip Dipset bitch
Dip Dip Dipset

Yo lets do it man
I'm in the buildin
Yo I started tha' starters & fathered tha' fathers who fathered
I slautered tha' slauters & slautered the slauters who slautered
I target then spark it & pa' you'll part of this target
From artist to artist J.R. is tha' hardest reguardless
Put ya' faith in his hands, they'll be chaning tha plans
Admit it I did it from standin in rain wit a gram
Now I slither in glitter, Jacob throw glaze on my hands
Shit D12 don't even know tha name of my band
Man I'm just supafly 2 fo 5 bake ta' bate
8th ta'8th, 8 ta' 8 wait I"m great hataz hate
Cuz, come to paper chase I dealt wit major cake
Every since Jake the Snake, all I rock was Bathing Apes
Ooo, yea' hun those them ol' air ones'
Sneaks crispy 350, you ain't never wear none
I'm a pimp girl get it though ya' ear drumbs, no I'm not tellin you where you ca' get a pair from
I'm sick of tha sicker, you sick of the sickenin' ain't you?
Come picture & picture, jus picture this picture I paint you
I'm swift wit tha 5th when I grip it, it spit at angle
You'll be stiffer than stiff, prepped up sittin wit angels
I'm jus doin me jewlery bule it be
It's ya pa'it's J.R., hittin hard soon ya see
Act a fool we'll take ya back to school like truancy
Shit give me my respect, I'm tha best true in deed
juelz santana:

Ezcuse the Dips (please)
We movin bitch (move)
We the Truth
We the proof get used to this (yep)
Our movement sick (yea')
Ya' movement shit (yea')
That's a fact have a nap & get used to this
J.R. Witer:

Let's do it
Yo'I"m ice chains, bright rains, nice rains, sliced cain
Copped a pound chop it down, rock tha town, hype game
I could do a price chain, what I pack is crunk
I don't mean pastor Bunks when I say a white plane
Look J is built ta' let the 80 tilt
Gun brawl one call that'll get you hataz killed
Snapped popped sprayed & pilt, so friend jus chill
Look here I'm in fa mills & I ain't talkin baby milk
You I spray wit tha mag, youa' play in it glad
That mean lay in a' bag like some haze that I had
Hoes I scrap up & rag serious shit, I ain't talkin periods when I say pussy stay in my pad
I amaze'em like dag, you ain't a killa please
That ain't no killa weed, them nick's is filled wit seeds
I hit the philippines acroos the river sea'
O.C. fo' a week where I don't fill a breeze
So I got Hefers hores, wit some excellent jaw
Like a vet fo' sure, who want me to sex'em raw
But I X them all, get some head in tha' bed
Then wilt the chickenhead right towards the exist door
Jus face it my nig, you can't stay wit the kid
I got papers gators, many flavors you dig?
They jus hate how I live, cuz the only time they see me under the wing is when I'm in the basement of my crib