Hank Thompson

The New Wears Off Too Fast

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To someone new you're about to go
But after the Charm has passed
You'll come back because I know the new wears off too fast.
You're like a Kid with a brand new toy
But the luster just won't last,
Your latest love is a passing joy
'Cause the new wears off too fast

You find a fascination
In loving someone new
They draw you like a magnet
And then you say "we're through!"

The love you thought was pure as gold
Was just as cheap as brass
I knew his love would soon grow old
'Cause the new wears off too fast
You say you found another one
Who's really in your class
But you'll find he's not your kind
'Cause the new wears off too fast
All that glitters is not gold
Gems alone, don't flash,
Your one-time thing is a passing fling
'Cause the new wears off too fast


Writer/s: Hank Thompson

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