Janez Detd

The one

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You came a long last honour in style and I, I broke you heart and that is where it is now. It's the drift of the call, but could I bring it back to you now?

Like the wind, like my softness is coming, you admit, that it's some kind of a harm to me, I'm gorgeously funky, but I'm down here and you're over there

You're the one, don't ask why, this is where it is going
You're the one, there is no use in you riding or driving away

What's it gonna be, are you gonna stay
What are you trying to say, are you gonna say no way?

As you gently hold me and it's burning softly then
you're the one, the one I want.
And I know, we're doing fine.

This is all unusual, why are you afraid?
Listen to the thinking, I'm not afraid

It hurts so many times
Slowly turning back for where we have come.