Sea Wolf

The Orchard

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Last night we went out
To the orchard in the snow
There in the constellations
The big dipper far below
We walked through the blackness
Felt the endless space around
And you bent down on your knee
And picked an apple from the ground

Out past the forest
Where the st. Lawrence lies
We heard the cargo ships go
Pushing through the ice
You turned when we heard them
Your breath hung in the air
And you said, just 'cause we can't see them
Doesn't mean that they're not there

But I'm not afraid
Of what I can't see
Don't need a reason
Don't need to believe

We climbed up the ladder
That leaned against the hay
And out in the distance
Saw the highway far away
The headlights all sparkled
Blending into the sky above
Where the moon was coming up
And I knew that's all there was

But I'm not afraid
Of all that space
'Cause everything I need
Is written on your face

Over by the barn
In the dark we heard the geese
They carried our boots past
The naked little trees
We smelled the cold bark in
The air and the sweetness of
The fruit on the ground
And the wood-smoke above

Writer/s: Alex Brown Church / Alex Church