The Perfect Evil In Mortal

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By this time darkness speaks to me again
Realized I've been written by Her blood
Through my life I always feel abundance of evil inside
Standing up craving my sacrifice

I look through the mirror and all I can see
My conscience makes me sick!
Now I look through the mirror and all I can see
My weakness makes me angry!

Father of pain
Sister of constrained sorrow
Mother of eternal solitude and fetish condemnation
Forget me as a man I used to be I always wanted to be
I will be not...

Being so introvert my heart's gray so hard
Stay away never coming back to the savagery of storm
I've been through...
Far far away from downfall until the glory of splendid darkness
Let me back to it's shelter testify immortal peace...

It's time to stand up on my knees!
In amber cage of my infected spirit
I search for paradise in madness
To hold my devil tight in everlasting embrace
Towards the perfect permanent darkness...

Now I'm closing my eyes
The vision of paradise
A quite short voyage into the labyrinth of fantasy
When the crown of extreme sex shines on my head
From masturbation to anal injection
From oral humiliation till sperm suffocation

Yes! I am inspired by darkness obsessed in fury of sex!

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