The Piano

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There were one girl always sitting inside
Watching out her window even during summer times

Always playing the piano playing what’s inside of her
Playing in a empty room

Bright light shines over her fingers
Sitting in the darkness playing on a silent verse

No one knows why she is lonely knows why she is only
Always sitting by her self

One girl always sitting inside
Playing the piano playing all that comes to her

There were one boy standing by a window
Where music always playing trying to see whose inside

As he stood there reaching on his bare toes
The music drags him closer, closer to what she controls

Bright light shines in from the window
As he climbs in to her eager just to let her know

The piano, standing in a cold gloom
Covered by a blanket lonely in a silent room

There's a girl that gave you up nothing
Moving on to something without you I know

Only you know looking like a coffin
And the dust keeps cover you like snow