The Roads You Can Take

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We drove through the rain
Past the evergreen trees
And we rolled just like the water
Along the veins of its leaves
And we traced our memories
Into the shape of a map
Inside the palms of our hands
Bearing the secrets unkept

and I don't think I could ever feel this way again
You should be an actress because your so good at lying
You bring my to my feet and then you leave me here crying
If the feelings are gone, then what am I left with

its true that we're young
But love is said to be ageless
The same is said of pain and desire and depression
Would it make it easier if I made you hate me
I only wanna see you happy
I only wanna see you smile

ill take these pills and shove em down my throat to keep the words "I love you" from escaping my lips
To keep me sleeping and keep me quiet, still
"I love you" is the only thing I know for sure
If its time you need my love, ill give it to you

ill give you my love if you say that its time
Ill tear down the walls you've built up in our lives
As the barrier breaks between your heart and mine
You would die to forget, but I will live to remind you

Writer/s: Allan Scott Goffinski, Caleb D Pepp, Kerri Pepp, Kevin Thomas Snider, Nicholas Dustin Coleman