The Robbery

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Ah de banga dis
Plan fi run inna de bank an buss one ah dis
Cyan take dis life dat I'm living
Go get de guns so me ah go rob de pussy dem today beacuse we sufferin'
Tonight there's gonna be a robbery,
In progress,
Ah de bank yea,
Where de door rest,
44 yes,
Tru de door yes,
Oh yes,
She in de ol' dress,
Lef her holess,
If she don' press,
De alarm whe deh below desk,
Quick like a phone text, come to go next,
It was more mess,
More stress,
When she go press,
I go press,
Tvs, cameras, more press,
Callin me a terrorist,
Bout locals,
And tourists,
I got,
On de floor yes,
Don't take no risk,
Take a gunshot, then a reef from the florist,

I just wanna get the dough,
No checks
Then go left
To joe jeff
Who knows best
To press the turbo lex
De car was grand theft
Bank robbery, was a pro theft
Ah me flow best, when u don' test
An protest,
Fo ya rolex
If yuh protest
Get me more vex
Clap go next
Tru yo chest
When me tek de baretta off ah de undercover cop,
Who have on no vest
Security guard try stopme,
Gun handle swell up him face like it grow breast
Hostage weh de closest
Grab him dem speed
And waitin 4 sets

We born poor, but we nah go dead poor, poeple ah go dead more
If unno gi de ghetto youth a better way in life, hungry wan defend more
Tired ah dem politicain pon dem green an red tour[repeat]

Try escape like ex-convict,
Make de weapon spit,
Dem woulda fire back
Me woulda bet on it
Same time, ah,
Inna me left han hit
Good ting ah no me chest an hip
Start tink bout me gal breast and tits
Press de gas
Step pon it
Car cayn move
Need a mechanic
Adandoned de car... ah foot chase
Me ah run pon de broad lane
Small wayne,
Make de guard bark like a pitbull whe cyan train
Me nah chop it up
Me get flat like a card game
Bad man ting
Ah no coward game
Nah get inna trouble and me na call de lord name,
Make shot fall like hard rain