Kate Bush

The Saxophone Song

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You'll find me in a Berlin bar,
In a corner brooding.
You know that I go very quiet
When I'm listening to you.

There's something very special indeed,
In all the places where I've seen you shine, boy.
There's something very real in how I feel, honey.

It's in me.
It's in me,
And you know it's for real.
Tuning in on your saxophone.

The candle burning over your shoulder is throwing
Shadows on your saxophone, a surly lady in tremor.
The stars that climb from her bowels,
Those stars make towers on vowels.

You'll never know that you had all of me.
You'll never know the poetry you've stirred in me.
Of all the stars I've seen that shine so brightly,
I've never known or felt in myself so rightly,


Writer/s: Kate Bush

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