Airged L'amh

The Silver Arm

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I hear the chant of three spells war witches ease my pain, the sword of light will lead the way
Eyes cold and cruel I am dreaming far out of space and time, the Mochin' word shaking my mind

I am in trance, three days and nights in secret pain
A great palace on the hill…

Helpless and bathed in starlight I am like a little child, another part of me is dead and gone
The elements assemble a mixture out of sand, the cloak of starlight fades away

Master of healing I praise Dian-Cecht soil of Eireann I grasp once again
I am he of the silver arm

Sword of light shall guide me through the dark, long is my journey to the other world
I return now in painful everlasting, I am he of the silver arm

Men of Eireann speak of Nuada Airged L'amh for days and nights I hung close
I am the son of the Sun he of the silver arm, my name is carved forever

Battle cry echoed across the hills

Spells of three witches Bad's prayer to Dian-Cecht, Tuan my companion
Shared and awaited my pain

L'amh, L'Aidir, Abu cried to the echoing hills, grateful to the sunrise
Rode the high gold of the clouds

Call, call of Danu, call of Danu, call of Danu hear the calling of…

Writer/s: Airged L'amh

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