The Song

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Doesn't it just seem unfair
Sometimes what you thought was there
Suddenly turns into something new
Oh in life's ever changing scheme
I'm your ever constant thing
And you can believe that I'll always love you

No matter what we do or say
The world's gonna turn around anyway
And autumumn leaves will always turn to brown
Oh in life's little ups and downs
When so called friends just can't be found
You can depend on me when I say

Come on
(We are the song)
Be strong
(We are the song)
Come on
(We are the song)
We are the song, we are the song

Remember way back in the day
I would sing and you would play
We didn't have a penny to our names
Oh I would give back everything
To have that feeling
When we were the song and that was everything

We're still connected
Unaffected by the hands of time
Oh you gonna play and I will sing
We can weather anything
Bring it on, bring it on

Writer/s: Chaka Khan / Francis Hylton / Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick / Matt Cooper / Pete Ray Biggin / Thomas Dyani