Marshall Crenshaw

The Spell Is Broken

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The morning light was barely in my eyes
When the first thing I realized, as soon as I had woken,
Was that now, I just couldn't help but doubt
What I thought I was sure about
I knew, the Spell was Broken

That night, I asked you to take a chance
You hooked me with one sweet glance before we'd even spoken
And we were caught up in something strong
"Til this morning we couldn't go wrong
But now The Spell Is Broken

What will I do or say if I see you today
I'm mystified and kinda sad inside
All I wanted was you
My desire was true
But it's all just gone
Blame it on the dawn...
(Gone with the dawn...)

I sure didn't know that love would leave this way
And belong to yesterday like an old discarded token
That the fire in my heart would die...
Believe me, I don't know why
I just know, The Spell Is Broken

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