The Triffids

The Spinning Top Song

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Well I made goot time but took some bad advice
I got lost in the salt lakes maybe once or twice
Days went missing, weeks they folded in two
I lost track of them. I don't pine for you

You're either on my arm or under my heel
Hurt me all you can, you don't know how good I feel
Everything I touch turns to purple and gold
I keep on living like this. I know I'll never get old

Chorus :
I'm a spinning top, I'm a catherine wheel
I'm a sideshow freak, I'm a ribbon of steel
Listen good buddy to the words of my song
I never fade out cos I'm already gone, yoo-hoo
yeah yeah yeah, yodelay-hee-ho...

I'm an open cut I take too much dirt
I never close up I drink an ocean of hurt
I am a topless bar I make you feel alright
Flashing neon sign says "Open All Night"


Well I'm cold and hungry but don't hold me tight
I just shake cos I'm living at the speed of light


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