Brenn Hill

The Store

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They moved to the outskirts of this little railroad
They planted dreams and started bustin' ground
And they grew wheat and corn through the dust bowls
and the rains
And they lived by the whistle of the trains

Shippin' west to California and the Arizona desert
On a rail line that rolled just like a river
And they raised up a family on a modest farmers pay
Through the hard times they somehow found a way

But now a human revolution
And another day's pollution
Got the real estate men breakin' down the door
Sayin' goodbye to the plains
Goodbye to the trains
No need for a farmer anymore
When we can just go buy it at the store

Now the doctors and the lawyers and their money comes
To build up their ranchettes and their million-dollar
And a hundred-eighty acres of sweat and blood and
Are just real estate lines crossin' through the years

And here comes California cross the mountains and the
On the highways that roll just like a river
Bringin' millions of people like a fast movin' train
To the fields that will never be the same



We can just go buy it at the store
Just go buy it at the store

Writer/s: Brenn Hill

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