Lowest Of The Low

The Taming Of Carolyn

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Carolyn's a piece of coal in a world with a lust for diamonds
She really likes to dance but never gets a chance
Oh to realize her goals, and noone knew this more than I did
Ah, Carolyn please focus in

She's tired of all the streetfighting
And when will it ever end?
She's practically missed that dream train

I think she's ready to believe
The best years of her life are behind her now
Where do you think she got that idea?
From that one place, a certain some place
How does it feel?
When you've got more than a bit part in this play she's in
Oh no, the taming of Carolyn

They put a price on what she's learned
A subtle twist in her position
Her mother's worst fears are confirmed
She's taken off with some musician
What kind of life is that for the child of a doormat?

Other fathers were hitting baseballs
While her dad was hitting the sauce
With never a moment's thought toward what was gained
And what was lost

Can't you see?
You're asking for something she can't be
Can't you see?
Some things are solid gold we thought were only tin
And though she prefers Carolina
Everybody seems to call her Carolyn

When they bring you to tears
Just put your fingers in your ears and scream
Nah na na na
'Cause you're just like me
Oh won't you take my hand and we'll be

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