The Locust

The Unwilling...Led By The Unqualified...Doing The Unnecessary...For The Ungrateful

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Will all john henkleys please report to the corporate barbecue

Let's pile this trash much higher so that we might just reach the heavens

Leaving cock-sucker (no offence to the cocksuckers) behind
with stock imagination, reinventing commons then living without dead time

Opinions are like assholes, everyone seems to have one

So here you go: Death to fuzz


Uncle sham and his sick uncle dickin', all fuzzy tailed and fucking like bunnies

making you feel just like a warmed up corpse

a total hit hitting on everything
got to pump and... dump

brains are on ice and still one too many bellies touching their backs while some have
their back teeth buried under the ground

they shall eat thy dinner out of a polystyrene / polypropylene dish, it shall be pre-
prepared, cooked in a microwave sped up by a megatron at a
2450 megahertz frequency and thy food will be calories, bht, bha,
sulfites and yellow no. 5

now its time to throw craps

so pay up mister hoof-and-mouth-disease, the cake is getting thin, add the coffin meat
of those who don't have the sense to pour the piss out of a boot to save their lives

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