Human Drama

The Ways And The Wounds [of My World]

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Feel a shadow coming up behind me
It's icy hand soon resting on my shoulder
Mother do you know what it's like
To be every bit the stranger in all that you know

Hey mother where's your little daughter
What do your arms surround
Do you remember the eyes that saw you for the first time
And never after

Well they're here and looking fast behind me
From side to side in every waking moment
From oceans near and oceans far
To the very biggest cities and towns so small

These are the ways and the wounds of my world
Every day I walk another mile and
Every night I dream another dream where
I curse everything I've ever loved
I've destroyed every home that took me in

I think of all the things that I would tell you
I picture how so tight I would hold you
And how I would forgive all I missed
And cherish every second that we would spend

Still I wait but how much longer
Mother please put to sleep your little daughter
I can't sleep I have no strenght
My blood boils fast from this fire within