They Ain't The Same

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I don't even know if you're up or if you're home or if you're sleeping all alone.
But come to your window,
I'm standing just below that thing to see you and say .
And i know that we said we'd separate the rest.
But i hate to leave you all alone.
As i laid home tonight, i didn't feel quite right.
I need to see ya if you're home.

I feel reckless now and young,
So simple and so dumb to all the pain that we could find
I've suffered some before and up and down i swore to cast away babe,
To run and hide.
As i'm about to leave i see a flicker through the trees.
I see a shade cast from the light.
And from that darkness born the purity of form that is your face babe,
In the night.

And i spent most my life in the darkness, so sad and far away.
So come down from up on high and we'll bring on the jealousy of day.