Divine Empire

They Rise

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Awakened from her tomb,
at dusk she will appear
To rise above the moonlit sky
from home beyond the grave
The children of the forest,
Descend into the night
Howling through the glowing mist,
for hunger they will feed.

At dusk they rise

Cast into the shadows, the
hunt will now begin
Craving blood of innocence
victims to her spell
Appetite increases, the evening still so young
Nocturnal driven anguish
reanimates the dead

Jugular penetration,
paralyzed for the feast
Inhuman blood transfusion,
her veins now warm with life
Arise queen of the undead
strike fear into their eyes
Like cattle in the darkness
quenching her eternal thirst

The cemetery beckons, return unto the grave
At dawn she will be
weakened, for soon the sun shall arise
The tomb has been discovered, uncovered in her sleep
Drive the stake into thy heart
forever lay in peace

At dusk they rise

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